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We service all Fairfield County Connecticut and among other cities - Danbury CT. Our reputation as one of the leading garage door companies in Danbury CT include our famous same day garage service for residential overhead doors, commercial and industrial garage door in Danbury CT.
There are many kinds of garage doors in Danbury CT, and a professional garage technician should be able to repair or maintain and even install all of them. And this is exactly what we can do, we can repair all types and kinds of garages in Danbury CT. When you are a pro, and when you know what you are doing, it won’t matter to you if it is a broken garage spring in Stamford, a new opener installation in Greenwich, or a completely new garage door installation in Danbury, when you are a pro, you are ready for any garage project.

Same Day Garage Repair in Danbury CT

Sometime we can anticipate the problem, and contact a garage repairman in Danbury before the garage completely stop working. But sometime the garage door can stop working at the worst timing, just when you have to take your car out of the garage, or just when you are arriving to your home in Danbury and the garage just seem to refuse to open. But we are here for you, and we can assist you. If you are located in Danbury, or anywhere else in Fairfield Connecticut, we can fix your garage today.
You probably wonder how we can be so certain about our same day repair service, and we would like to explain. When you repair and service garages in Danbury CT for so many years, you have the ability to anticipate what part of the garage is most likely to break, and which are the most popular garage doors in Danbury. And when you have the information, you load your track with the needed parts such as garage door opener, and garage door springs to fit all garages in Danbury, , so when our technician will arrive at the location, he will have everything he need to repair the garage on the spot. And allow you to return to use a garage door which operate in a perfect and in a safe way.

Garagte door repair Danbury

Overhead Garage Door Maintenance Danbury CT

If there is one important tip, which we always share with our customers in Danbury CT, maintain your garage door on time will be it. It doesn’t matter what kind of garage you own, and what type of garage you use. It doesn’t matter if you own a garage door in Stamford, a garage door in White Plains, or a garage door in Greenwich, every garage door need to be maintained in order to preserve the way it is working, and to make sure it will continue to work like that for many more years.
If you knew how simple it can be to maintain your garage door, and if you knew how important it is to so, you wouldn’t need to read this article in order to perform the maintenance. If you own a residential garage door in Danbury CT, you do not need to look for  garage door company in Fairfield County, you just need to search online, and to find a garage door maintenance tutorial, that teach how to lubricate and maintain a garage door. We recommend this Video which teach how to maintain a garage door by DIY, and that you can use it for your garage door in Danbury, or anywhere else, since the idea of the garage door maintenance is the same for almost all garage doors.

Who need garage door maintenance?

The short answer will be everyone who own a garage door. To give you the longer answer, we will need to get some information about your garage door, like the size of the garage, what material it is made of? How often it is being used? Is electrical garage door?  Is it a commercial door? When was the last time is was maintained? Is it located in Danbury?
As you can see, each garage door is unique, and a commercial garage door require different approach than a residential garage door. But in general, we can say that a garage door in Danbury need to be maintained every 6 months, and that the maintenance should include beside the lubrication also safety inspection and some tuning.
But, there is one more important thing to mention: The maintenance can never replace the need for repair. If you garage is broken, lubricating it will not help. If there is a broken part like a broken spring, or if the door is out of the tracks, you will have to repair it first, and only then to have someone lubricating it, or you can do it by doing it yourself.

Garage opener Danbury CT

You may be reading this article since you are experiencing troubles operating you garage door, or you may be looking for a new garage opener, since you were using your garage manually until now. But no matter what the reason is, if you are located in Danbury CT, we can help you. We can repair, replace and install garage door openers from all types in Danbury. Whether you need someone to install a new Lift Master Chain drive opener, or someone top repair your Genie opener, we can do it, since servicing garage doors in Danbury CT is what we do.

Why the opener can’t open the garage door?

When your garage opener in Danbury is having hard time lifting the door, the first thought that come to our mind is: There is probably something wrong with unit, and I may need to use a garage company in Danbury to repair or replace it with a new opener. But it is actually more complicate (Or simple, depend what the problem is), because the opener isn’t what lifting and lowering the door, it is doing only small amount of lifting, when the spring system is actually in charge of the lifting. The opener is only pushing and pulling the door, while being assisted by the spring system. So when there the opener can’t lift the door, it is not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the opener, there is the possibility that the problem is due to a broken spring, or another part of the door’s mechanism. You will need to contact a garage door company in Danbury CT to come and inspect the door and the opener to determine what need to be done.

Why the opener can’t close the door?

In many cases, but not all cases, and it works for all garage doors in Danbury CT, the problem to close the garage using the electric opener can be due to a problem with the safety sensors. If the safety sensors are not in place, if the cable cut, or if they are got disconnected, the opener will not close the door. The opener need the safety sensors to “tell” the opener that the door’s path is clear, and that the door can be closed safely. Until the safety sensors won’t signal to the opener that it is safe to close the door, the door will not close.
To read more about garage door safety sensors troubleshooting, you can read this article written by J&C Garage Doors, and explain how to troubleshoot garage door safety sensors.
We offer same day garage safety sensors repair in Danbury CT for all types of garage doors and openers.

I live in Danbury, do you have a recommendation for a garage door opener?

We have learned that it doesn’t matter if you own a garage door in Danbury CT, or a roll door in NYC, when you are thinking about purchasing a garage door opener, or a new garage door, always aim for quality, since quality will guarantee a high quality door, and high quality garage opener. You can choose between chain drive opener, and a belt drive opener (In case it is important to you that the opener will work in a silent way – we had customers in Danbury who prefer to hear the door when it is being used), but always keep on mind that a new opener is something that you do not want to do more than once every 10-20 years, so it is better to spend some more on quality, and enjoy a reliable opener for many years.
If you are looking for a garage door supplier in Danbury, who offer high quality garage door openers, and professional installation service in Danbury, call us and we will be there today.

Garage installer Dnabury

Garage door spring repair Danbury CT

Earlier in this post, we explained that sometime it may seem like the opener is unable to open or close the garage, when it is actually a problem with the spring system. So you may wonder: What should I do if the spring snapped?
The first thing you should do is to stop using the garage door, and tell the people who may use it that the door is broken, and that it should not be used. Then you should contact a garage door company who offer garage spring repairs in Danbury, to come and repair the door, by replacing the snapped spring.
The way garage door in Danbury operate, is by using a torsion or extension spring system that makes it easy to open and close even an industrial Overhead doors, and we have many of those in Danbury and the area. When the spring break, and the garage door need to move without the force of the spring, the door can go out of balance, since one of the sides isn’t supported by the spring which snapped. So we recommend you to stop using the garage, and contact a local garage door contractor in Danbury.

What if the soring snapped, but the opener still move the door?

Even if your garage opener open and close the door although the spring snapped, you must contact a repairman in Danbury to fix the problem. Ignoring the broken spring, or the cable that sapped can result with serious injuries, and will eventually end with a burned opener which needed to open the door with a broken spring system.
We offer same day garage spring repairs in Danbury CT, for extension and for torsion springs, so you don’t have to worry that you will have to wait for many days until someone will come and repair your door, same day service – whether in Fairfield or in Danbury – is out moto, and we are doing all we can to stand behind our word.

Where can I find garage door springs in Danbury CT?

It depend on what size and what kind of spring you need. There are places in Danbury like Home Depot which offer garage door parts, and you can always find garage door parts online. But you need to know that soring replacement, especially when it is torsion spring replacement, commercial overhead door spring, or a wooden or double door spring replacement, in Danbury or any other place can be dangerous, and we cannot recommend to perform the replacement by doing it yourself instead of hiring a local professional repairman from Danbury.
You may think that since garage doors is what we do, we have our selfish reasons to try and convenience you to purchase a spring and replace it by yourself, so we would like to give you few reasons why you better use the services of a professional garage door technician in Danbury:

  • Finding the right spring: Every garage door use its own set of springs. You may assume that if you will find a garage supplier in Danbury, who happen to have a spring that look like the spring you need the door may work again. But you should know that you need the exact right spring, which will perfectly match you garage door in Danbury or anywhere else.
  • Replacing the broken spring: To replace the spring by DIY, instead of using a garage repairman in Danbury require knowledge and experience. If you need to replace a torsion spring, you will need to adjust and put the right amount of tension on the spring, which may change from one garage to another.
  • The right tools: A garage door repairman in Danbury carry tools which were designed for a spring replacement project. You will need those tools in order to complete the project, and other tools which weren’t designed for torsion spring replacement can put you at risk.
  • There are always surprises: Every garage door is unique, and a garage door in Danbury can be different from a garage door repair in Stamford. So you should be ready for unexpected issues that may prevent you from completing the job.
  • During our garage services in Danbury CT, we sometime meet people who tried to repair their garage by themselves, but couldn’t complete the project. Most of them didn’t even pass the point of locating the right spring, since they did not contact the right garage door builder in Danbury. When we bring them the right spring, they always ask us to buy the spring they purchased, and we always tell them that we only carry high quality parts, and most likely that they were trying to save money, and purchased low quality springs. We only install high quality parts in Danbury CT, since we put our name on our projects, and we do all we can to maintain our name as one of the best garage doors companied in Danbury.

    New garage Danbury CT

    New Garage Door Installation Danbury CT

    This is one of the most important part of our article, since when you purchase a high quality garage door, you are making sure that the door will continue to work for many years. We only sell and install high quality garage doors in Danbury CT. And we can say it clear, if you are looking for the cheapest door for your garage, there are other companies in Danbury who will be glad to supply you with the cheap doors. But we are not one of the. Our reputation in Danbury was built from supplying and installing high quality garage doors, and we will never do anything to hurt the reputation.
    Before you start looking for a garage installer in Danbury, there are few question you should ask yourself, and those question apply to a garage door installation in Greenwich, a new garage door in New York, or a new overhead door in Danbury.

  • What will be the purpose of the new garage door?
  • What type of garage door you need?
  • Where the garage is located?
  • Do I need a window section?
  • Do I need an opener for my garage in Danbury?
  • Did I see a door that I liked in Danbury?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need an insulated door?
  • What is the reason that I am replacing the garage door?
  • Do I want a certain design or color?
  • What are the limitations and restrictions for garages in Danbury CT?
  • Is it an attached garage or detached?
  • What is the structure of my garage?
  • Do I need a new frame as well?
  • As you can see, when you are planning to purchase a new garage door in Danbury Connecticut there are questions that you need to answer. We are here to assist you, and to make sure you will choose the right garage door for your house. We have installed hundreds of garages in Danbury and in Fairfield County, and we have the experience and the knowledge which is require to perform a professional job, and to keep maintaining our reputation as one of the best garage companies in Danbury Connecticut.


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