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Commercial Overhead Door Stamford CT

Commercial Overhead Door Stamford CT

A commercial overhead door can weight hundreds of pounds, and since we are used to a door that open and close whenever we need to do so, while it is moving smoothly along the tracks, we often forget that if there is something wrong with the door it can easily become dangerous. But there is no need to panic, just let everyone know that the door is not working, and that they should not try and open or close it, and contact us for a same day commercial overhead door repair service in Stamford CT.

Commercial Overhead and Safety

We would like to start this article from the most important part when it comes to garage doors, and especially when it comes to commercial overhead doors: A broken garage door is dangerous and can even be deadly. If you will try to force the door to work, even that it is obvious that there is something wrong with it, it may lead to serious damage and injuries. The overhead door is operating under a lot of tension, and if there is a broken part, or if the door went out of the tracks, there is a reason, and trying to repair it by yourself can result with a serious injury.
Leave the problem for the professionals, because garage doors is what we do best.

Overhead door maintenance Stamford CT

There are commercial overhead doors which are being used more than 50 times a day. Every time a car enter the area that the overhead door close on, the door is going up to open position, and then going down to close position. Which mean that the cycle of the overhead door is 100 times a day, that with a simple calculation show us the the door is being used around 36.500 times a year (100 times a day X 365 days). So to think that a door which is being used so often does not need maintenance is to see a problem and choose to look the other way.

The maintenance

The overhead door maintenance is a simple project, but when it comes to commercial garage doors, it is better to contact a garage door company that offer commercial overhead doors service in Stamford CT to come and perform the maintenance for you. The commercial maintenance may require special tolls and maybe even parts which are damaged and need to be replaced.
Commercial Overhead door repair Stamford Connecticut
If you are reading this article, you may be facing an overhead door problem. You door may be stuck, out of track, or closed with a broken spring. There is one tip we can give you, that may save life: Do not try to repair the door and contact us for a same day service in Stamford CT. No broken garage door should be used, and when the case is a commercial overhead, it is even more risky.
It may seem to you that all that the overhead door need is a little push that will assist it to move again, or just to push it back into the track. But, no matter if you just need it to work just once, or if the suppliers calling you screaming, nothing worth the risk, so again, a garage door repair in Huntington New York, or a garage door service in Greenwich, for your safety DO NOT USE OR TRY TO REPAIR a commercial garage door.

Same day commercial Overhead door repair Greenwich CT

We understand that a stuck commercial overhead door mean a loss of money and time, and that it be the cause for a lot of frustration, that is the reason why we offer same day garage door service is Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut. All you need to do if you want your garage door to work again today is to call 203-208-7144, and we will be on our way to help. We carry with garage door parts for all kinds of doors including commercial doors, and we always do our best to get your garage door back on track and working again.
Since it is a commercial overhead door, we may need to return one more time with the parts that are needed for the repair, but we will help you to close or open the door until we will get the parts and replace the broken ones.

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