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New Garage Door Stamford CT

We provide installation service for residential and commercial garage doors in Stamford CT.

  • Installation of garage doors from all brands in Stamford CT.
  • Professional technicians for the installation.
  • Free phone consultation, choosing the right garage door.
  • Garage door opener installation.
  • Take and disposal of your old garage door.
  • Using a high quality garage doors parts.
  • Fair prices for every installation job.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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New Garage Door installation Service Stamford CT

About Our Garage Doors installation Service In Stamford CT

Whenever you are looking for a new garage doors in Stamford CT, you should always aim for the best. Because a high quality garage door, that was properly installed, can save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. Because when you invest in quality, you get quality in return, and when you purchase a high quality overhead garage door, you are going to know that every time you are going to use the door, and when it continue to work the same after many years.

New Garage Door

We believe that every good garage door installation, start form 2 basic things: A high quality garage door and parts, designed for the American standard, and a professional installation job. Our goal is always to do our best to provide you a high quality garage door, and the best installation job. We install all kinds of garage doors around Stamford CT, all our garage doors are from leading brands, designed for the American standard.
From single residential garage door, to a double commercial garage door, we got it all. And we will always do our best to provide our customers with a good service for a reasonable price. We provide free phone consultation for all garage doors installation, helping you to choose the right garage door for your house.

Repair or replace?

Sometime it is not clear whether to repair the existing overhead door, or to remove it and install a new one instead. This is a tough question that require from the garage door technician to explain to you and give you all the options. One thing is clear, no professional garage door repairman will try to give you an answer to that question over the phone, without first inspecting your door and make the decision.
Sometime the repair will cost as much as to put a new door, and sometime it can be 50-70 percent of the price of a completely new door. But beside a new door and probably a better one, a new garage door will work better, and will improve the appearance of your house. For consultation, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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What kind of door do I need?

The amount of designs and colors of garage door you can find today is endless, and even if you want a custom made door, created by your own design it can also be done. But if we leave the design aside for a minute, there is a more important thing to consider and that is the quality of the door.
If there was one thing we could recommend you, is to invest more money in a better quality insulated door, than to purchase a cheap door. Yes, even if you garage is detached from your house, we still recommend you to purchase a good quality and insulated garage door. Beside the insulation, the insulated doors are much stronger than the no insulated doors, and they will last longer, and they will face conditions that the non-insulated door cannot stand.

New opener installation Stamford CT

One last thing that can really change a lot and improve our life is a garage door opener. An electric garage door, oppose to the manual garage door, is working with an automatic opener, that open and close our door. You can close it from a remote control, a key pad a push button or from your car. We work with Lift Master openers, and we install chain and belt openers, so each one will find the right opener that will serve the needs. Click to read more about garage door opener in Stamford CT.


New garage door replacement in Stamford CT includes:

  • 24/7 same day service.
  • A real person customer service. Someone will always answer!
  • Installation of all garage doors models, from leading brands..
  • Using a high quality garage doors parts, designed for the American standard.
  • installation warranty for all new garage doors installation.
  • professional and experienced garage doors technicians.
  • Take and disposal of your old garage door.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • and above all - safety..


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