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Garage Door Maintenance Service

If you own an overhead garage door, and you are reading this article, you probably ignored the need of your garage door for maintenance. The garage door maintenance is a process that should be performed every 6 months. It is improving the way overhead garage door operate and preserve its parts. The maintenance is not a complicated process, and if it is being performed on time, and if there is no problem with the door, it should not take more than 20 minutes.

Do it yourself Overhead Maintenance

A garage door maintenance is something that you can do by yourself, as long as you follow the orders and use safety precaution. The important thing is to avoid touching parts which you are not sure about, and to stop immediately when something is going wrong. Bellow you will find a Video from Lowe’s, which explain the steps of the process. If you are not sure about the process, or if you prefer to use the services of a garage door company in Stamford, we welcome you to contact us for a same day service.
DIY Garage Door Maintenance Video



Commercial Overhead Door maintenance

If you own a commercial Overhead door, or a rolling gate, whether it is a roll up gate in Brooklyn or a glass garage door in Greenwich, and you can’t remember when the last time that your door was maintained and tuned was, you better call us. Unlike the residential garage doors, a commercial door should be service by a trained garage door technician, since it require heavy duty tools and parts.
A commercial door can be used many times a day, and as such require more maintenance. Just think about a door or a rolling gate which is being used 10 times every day. It mean that the open and closing is doubled, since every use is open and close. So the total comes to 20 times a day. Multiple it by 365 days of a year, and you will get the result that tells you that your commercial overhead door is being used on the average of 7,300 times a year. Maybe now you will agree with us about the impotency of the tune up.

Overhead door and safety

Nothing worth the risk! No money or time worth that you will put yourself, you employees or one of your family members at risk. And ignoring the need of a garage door for maintenance, or ignoring that the door is not working right, or ignoring the fact that the garage door is not safe for use is exactly that. If there is something wrong with your garage door, it is probably too late to just perform a maintenance and hope that everything will work fine by itself. If your garage door need a repair, then first repair it, and at the same time perform a maintenance. Using a broken garage door, and especially a heavy duty overhead door is dangerous, and you should stop using it until someone will come and repair.

Safety Check

One integral part of the garage door maintenance is a safety check. If you own an automated garage door, and you are using an electrical garage door opener, you must perform a safety check as well. By law, the safety sensors must be installed with every garage door opener installation, it doesn’t matter if it an overhead garage door in Hermosa Beach, or a wooden garage door in Stamford, EVERY AUTOMATED GARAGE DOOR MUST INCLUDE A SAFETY FEATURE.
The safety check should include testing the photo eye test, to make sure that it is synchronized with the garage door opener, and that it is going to reverse in case someone or something is placed at its path while it is closing. This test should be performed once a month, regardless of the garage door maintenance. Because again, safety comes first.

Safety Cables

One more thing you should do, in case your garage door is working with extension spring system, is to make sure that there are safety cables installed. Do not mistakenly consider the cables that operate the door as safety cables. The safety cables are there for protection, and have nothing to do with the way the door operate.
To check if there are safety cables installed, look at the springs, if there are safety cables installed, you should see a metal cable entering from one side of the spring, and exiting from the other side. If there are no such cables, you should install them, or contact us and we will install them for you.

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