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Broken Garage Door Spring

We fix broken torsion and extension springs!

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Broken Spring Repair Service

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Spring

Need to repair a broken spring? Not sure what is wrong with your garage door? Want to know the difference between extension and torsion spring? You are in the right page to find answer for your questions.
First, you should know, that every garage door spring will eventually break. But the good news are that a broken spring (no matter if it is a torsion spring or extension spring) does not mean that it is time to replace the whole garage door, it only mean that it is time to contact a garage door company in Stamford.

Before anything else – safety.

Before we explain about the springs, we want to make it clear that all the information we provide here is general, and cannot replace the opinion of a garage door technician who come and physically inspect the garage door and the spring. Because a broken garage door, especially when it come to a broken spring can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries, so the first and the best advice we can give you about a garage door with a broken spring is to stop using the garage door, and contact a garage door repairman.

Extension/Torsion Spring System

There are 2 kind of garage door spring system, extension spring system and torsion spring system.
Extension springs: located on each side of the garage door, above the tracks, most of the time you will find one spring installed on each side, but there are also garage doors with more than one spring on each side.
Torsion Springs: Located at the center on top of the door. The springs are wrapped around a metal pipe. Replacing a torsion spring is definitely not for everyone, and although you can find instruction to how to replace them online, we recommend that you won’t try to do it yourself.

Safety cables

Safety cables are installed in extension spring systems. If you want to try and find if there are safety cables installed in your garage door, you should go to the door, look at the extension springs (as we explained above, located on top of the tracks) and look for a metal cable which is thread from one side of the spring and comes out from the other side. If there are no safety cables installed, you should get them ASAP.
Although your garage door is working fine, and although the safety cables have no part in the operation of the garage door, they are important for the safe use of the garage door. When the day will come and the spring will break, the cable will keep the spring from hurting something or someone who located in the garage.

Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door maintenance is important to keep the door working and to protect the garage door and the parts. Whether it is a commercial garage door or a residential one, every garage door need to be maintained. A good garage door maintenance include lubrication of the some of the parts, tune the springs and the opener, reinforce loose parts, replace damaged parts, and perform a general safety check.
Do not think of the maintenance as a waste of money, since the garage door is working even without it, think about it as an investment. If you will ignore the need of the garage door to be maintained, the day will come when the door will break or get stuck, and then the repair (which will have to include maintenance) is going to cost you more time and money, then it would have cost you if you maintained the door on time.

Why the spring break?

There are many reasons that can cause a garage door spring to break: from lack of maintenance, through using the wrong spring to a spring which just too old to hold the weight of the garage door. But no matter what the reason that lead to a broken spring, do not attempt to try and use the garage door. Many people don’t know it, but the springs are the power which lift the garage door, and that prevent the garage door from crashing on the floor on its way down. Now, if the spring break, the side of the broken spring is broken, and now the door is not safe to use anymore!


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